Home Selling

Any agent can sell the properties.  But only an Experienced, Dedicated and Top Negotiator not can aggressively market and negotiate the Top Dollar for you, but also plan and help you find your next property for you to move into.  At Realty++, we you will only find the Top Class Brokers and Agents who have the history of selling the properties for the Top Dollar.  It’s not just about listing the property on the MLS, but way beyond that.  Its about marketing, reaching the right buyers, serious negotiations and smooth closing.  Realty++ is known for:

  • Extraordinary Marketing — The moment the listing agreement is signed, our marketing starts.  Everyone in our network is alerted.
  • We use our Artificial Intelligence (working on a patentable software) to determine the potential buyers of your property and reach out to them. 
  • We make sure that your property is announced through all the channels.  All this happens way before the open house while we help with the Disclosures, Inspections, Repairs & Upgrades.
  • We do professional Staging of your property.
  • We do professional Open House
  • Present all the Offers and provide you pros and cons of each of the offers and work on the Counter Offers if required.
  • We make sure that your property is sold for the Top Dollar and ensure a  very smooth closure of the Transaction.

 Please call us for a dedicated 1-1 session showing you the complete steps involved.   Please visit Real Estate 2019 for the current updates on the market conditions.