Want to find a great Tenant and rent your property for excellent monthly rent? We go beyond just the Property Management. We make sure that you get the right tenant who can take care of your property as their property.  We will do their background check and make sure its clean.  During the tenancy, we also will visit the property for inspections, as frequent as you want, and send the pictures & videos to you and advise you on the property condition.

Not just all above, but there is more to it.  Please get in touch with us to discuss and find out the details.

As an owner of an investment property, you want to enjoy the rent as long as possible, but it’s also very important to sell it at the right time. At Realty++, we know how to get you the best out of both.  Call us to find out more.

We just don’t rent your property to someone random.  We make sure that we do all the background check of the potential tenant before we recommend them to you.

Its your property, your terms.  Our Lease Agreements are never same for everyone.  We incorporate the custom terms and conditions which you prefer in order to give you that peace of mind.  And these can be amended as well.

Will visit your property once every 6 months for the inspections and send you the pictures, videos and advise you of the condition of the property.  If you want, we can pay visits more often.

We survey the rental market annually and takes steps in increasing the rent in order to put more money in your pockets.

Property can never be 100% full-proof from the repairs & maintenance.  Anything can happen any time and so we are ready with our team of handymen for any unforeseen work.