What to Buy?

Location, Pricing, Property Condition!!! Home Buying is not like spinning a wheel and buy whatever shows up.  It’s one of the most important purchases you would be investing into, in your life.  A lot of research and thought process needs go through in order to choose the right property while making sure that it fits your requirements & life style.  For many first time Buyers figuring out what their requirements are, itself would be a huge task.  We at Realty++, help you at each step:
  • We carefully analyze your situation first and help you determine the key requirements.
  • Determine your affordability by getting your loan Pre-Approval from one of your preferred lenders, while making sure that you get the best interest rates.  It will be based on your total house-hold income, assets and liabilities. 
  • Determine the Location where you want to live — Do ask us about if we have any off market properties in our Current Inventory.
  • If applicable, determine what schools you need.
  • Determine what Type of Home you need.
  • Determine whether you need a Brand New Home or an Existing Home.
  • How important are the schools and what schools best fits your current & future needs.
  • Determine the costs involved in home buying and the right time to be in the market.
  • If applicable to your situation, learn how the Rental / Investment properties work.
  • If applicable to your situation, learn about 1031 Exchange — we know the timelines involved and we work 1-1 with you with High priority. 
  • Based on the above factors, determine really how much you should invest and what makes sense.
  • Announce your requirement in our vast Network of Realtors® and gather the off market and on market properties matching your criteria.  
  • Will make appointments with the Sellers and personally tour you to the properties.  
  • Carefully analyze the property condition, review all the Reports & Disclosures of all the chosen properties and provide you with the details.
  • Determine the right comparables for the properties and present it to you with the recommended offer price for each of them.  
  • Then we start our negotiations with the Sellers and get you the property for the best price possible. Our goal would be to beat your expectations!  
These are things which can be best explained in 1-1 sessions.  Please contact us schedule an appointment with us and come to us with all the questions.  We promise you that when you leave our office, you would have all the right answers and would be ready to move onto the next steps