Fremont Market

If  you are looking for good schools in Fremont area, this is the time.  There are many properties available for affordable price in good school areas.  Here is the current activity:

Total number of Active homes available: 195
Total number of Pending Homes:  141
Total number of Homes sold during last 30 days: 106


Overall Market Condition

Overall the Real Estate market is slow.  Its excellent time for buying properties.  Prices went down by 10-15% at many places.  There are many smart buyers who are in the market to grab the properties for good deals.  There are many properties which are lined-up to get into the market.  Also, there are some Sellers who are still able to get what they want.  Over-all, it is the Buyer’s market currently.  Given the raising interest rates and the stock market situation,  the situation might continue for next 1-2 months.  On the other hand, the un-employment numbers are very low and the Government seemed to be inclined towards continuing the H4 EADs.  Given all these factors, it might soon turn into the Seller’s market again starting February 2019 onwards.